"To make the essence of man visible when he is photographed is the highest art of photography." Friedrich Dürrenmatt 

NENAD LUCIC, born in 1974 in Lörrach, has lived in Berlin since 1978. This city became his home and his great love. 

Early on, Nenad escaped reality into his own world of adventure. Just ten years old, he was already regularly attending movies and putting himself in the place of the heroes. Series such as "Fall Guy," "Knight Rider" or "MacGyver" and films such as "Ghostbusters," "Star Wars," "The Goonies" or "E.T. - The Extra-Terrestrial" have been seen by Nenad countless times. At the adventure playground at Körnerpark, he then slipped into a wide variety of roles and imitated them, enriched with the help of his own imagination. The simple life in Neukölln, the time in a very creatively oriented elementary school and his irrepressible thirst for adventure in a time without computers and cell phones made him decide to dedicate his professional life to creativity. 

He was supported and influenced by his encounters with acting, photography and cooking, which became his passions. 

When his family moved from Neukölln to Schöneberg, life played fate first. The last two years of elementary school Nenad came into contact with theater there. As an adventurer, however, he first devoted himself to playing soccer and skateboarding. 

In high school, the next theater club gave him the opportunity to finally live out his early desires for creativity. He could give free rein to his imagination and transform himself into other characters. The path to acting was prepared. 

But that was not all. At the age of 12, Nenad was given his first camera. He also visited the photo AG where he received their valuable suggestions on how to use a camera catching exciting moments of his surroundings and spent a lot of time in the darkroom developing the black and white prints. Since that time he has been fascinated by photography. 

Detours via training as a cook, as a salesman in a skateboard store and roadie at concerts did not let his passion for the creative dry up. From 1994 he made his first experiences in front of the camera as a skateboarder in some series and movies. From 2003 to 2006 he learned media design. 

From 2008 to 2011, Nenad took acting classes at Johannes Hitzblech's Actorfactory, which he financed through numerous appearances in films, series and commercials. In 2012, he attended a camera acting course at the Coach Company Berlin. In 2016 he decided to learn the Meisner technique with his acting teacher Hendrik Martz. 

Nenad represents a type of actor who pushes his limits to portray characters. He wants to achieve with his work as an actor that the audience sees on the screen the person, the character of the figure to be portrayed and not the actor Nenad Lucic. 

As an actor Nenad knows about the central importance of very good portraits for actors and actresses and today he puts this into practice in his work as a photographer. Colleagues that Nenad has already had in front of the lens are enthusiastic about the uncomplicated, almost spontaneous and unconventional way of his shoots as well as the art of capturing the people and not roles in the portraits. Each of his photos clearly shows the passion with which it was taken. 

Nenad, in his part-time work as a photographer, brings not only his experience but also an ease that is not otherwise expected in a shoot.

Text Kristina Spitzley

Year of birth

1974, Lörrach


174 cm




100 kg

1. residence in







English - basic knowledge

Housing possibility



Berlinish (native dialect)

ethn. Appearance

Central European

Voice pitch


Hair color



Skateboard - good

Hair length

medium length


Motorbike & Car

Eye color



BFFS (D) & GVL (D)



 2016 | Meisner Training"

Hendrik MartzWebsite

 2012 | Coaching Company Berlin, Camera acting"

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 2008 - 2011 | Actorfactory Berlin"

Johannes HitzblechWebsite

 2010 - 2011 | Voice training in Berlin"

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 2008 - 2009 | Voice training in Potsdam"

Bernd Nerlich
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2010 - Leerdammer - Slices plus (3 Spots) (Commercial) Rocker (Lead) Frank Brendel Producer: Neue Sentimental Film GmbH
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(Troll King + Aslak) Franziska Menge TIK Berlin

2016    Best Actor State Film Festival Berlin-Brandenburg 08/15 The Short Film

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Tanken - mehr als Super

TV Show D: Marc Schlegel, Joseph Orr, Martina Plura Producer: Letterbox Filmproduktion GmbH TV Station: ZDFneo

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Sesame Street: A Carrot for Two - The Time Machine

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Astra Bier - Saug Geil

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Astra Bier - Doggy Style

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Alcohol prevention promotional film D: Christof Pilsl Producer: oHa Productions GbR, Pilsl & Christmann

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